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47 thoughts on “BREEZE PLUS DISPOSABLE 800 PUFFS !!

  1. The Breeze Pluses are crap now. Right around when COVID hit, their quality tanked. The flavor only lasts about a day with moderate use and you’ll be lucky to get half the puffs that they’re marketed at before the battery either dies or it starts to taste burnt. Get a reusable e-cig, don’t wast your money on Breeze.

  2. Can you find anything on the sea breeze 2000 puff disposable anywhere i see it at liquor stores in Michigan but can't find any legit news on these things is it from breeze or a counterfeit vape

  3. If anyone has a problem with this vape lighting up and not hitting (Note: This was brand new and had juice in it). I found that the bottom of the vape had battery connection issues. So I Used scissors to take off the cap on the bottom and verified that the wires were in tact. And then pulled the battery a bit (using little to no force) and then pushed the battery back in. The cap also has a small battery in the center, so push the cap back on until it hits the other battery and keep on fienen. It's a small chance this happens but here's some help in case you wasted 12 dollars on something that doesn't work. Also the best one's to chain in my opinion are lush ice and minty berry or red apple.

  4. My issue I’m having is the consistency. One time I’ll get it and it’ll be an amazing flavor and then I come back to get the same flavor and it’s completely different and I can barely taste it

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