DIY Eliquid – Marlboro American Blend Tobacco [Full Flavor almost USA Marlboro like ejuice]

DIY Eliquid – Marlboro American Blend Tobacco [Full Flavor almost USA Marlboro like ejuice]

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“American Blend” –Light All Day
60vg/40pg with 6mg Nicotine
1.Western (tfa) 4%
2.Double ry4 (tfa) 2%
3.Simply Vanilla (cap)1.5%
4.Vape wizard MTS 1%

Nicotine 50mg VG 12%
PG 31.5%
VG 48%

“American Blend” Full Flavor
60vg/40pg with 6mg Nicotine
1.Western (tfa) 4%
2.Double ry4 (tfa) 3.5%
3. Simply Vanilla (cap)1.5%
4. Vape wizard MTS 1%
5. Oak wood (FA)1%
6.Ethyl Maltol 1%

Nicotine 50mg VG 12%
PG 28%
VG 48%

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DIY Eliquid – Marlboro American Blend Tobacco [Full Flavor almost USA Marlboro like ejuice]


25 thoughts on “DIY Eliquid – Marlboro American Blend Tobacco [Full Flavor almost USA Marlboro like ejuice]

  1. After one month of steeping this Marlboro/Winston full flavor recipe smell and taste very good. This is now one of my favorite tobacco eliquide that I have ever tested. Thanks very much for sharing

  2. Can you confirm if 1% ethyl maltol and 1% vape wizard MTS are correct percent ? Because it seems to be too much as usually need about only 1 or 2 drops of E M and vape wizard per 10ml for diy recipes. Thanks for reply

  3. I found all flavors needed in a webstore except vape wizard MTS (FA) , the webstore have wizard MTS ( FA) but not vape Wizard MTS. Is Wizard MTS the same as vape Wizard MTS? Thanks

  4. John, Thank you so much for sharing this. Made a 30ml batch tonight, it smells absolutely divine. I couldn't resist have a sneaky taste, and even without steeping it doesn't disappoint. Can't wait for 14 days to pass 👍

  5. Hi man thanks for your videos and your recipes
    I have a recipe but I not sure will good or not

    Virginia fa 5m.l
    Desert ship fa 2.5 m. L
    Maxx blend fa 3 m. L
    Black Fire fa 1 m. L

    This recipe for 120m.l and 50vg / 50 pg and 6 m.l nicotine
    I really need to know your opinion about this recipe and will be good or not and if you suggestion to replace any flavor or percentage
    Thank you for helping us man
    Good luck in your life

  6. Hi i love the content u upload in your channel and really helped me become a better mixer.
    Try this out please, one recipe i derived from this.
    Ry4 Double (TFA)- 2.5%
    Vanilla Shishsa (INA) – 1%
    Mts Vape Wizard (FA)- 0.5 %
    Black Fire (FA)- 2.5%
    Bitter Wizard (FA)-0.3% or 1 drop per 10ml
    Quite Smokey and suits my tastes. I just got vanilla shishsa but was using French Vanilla (CAP) in 1.5% as a substitute in the same.

  7. Hi Man, I'm trying to make this eliquid with the aromas I have at home. Ok Western TPA, ok MTS, but replaced Double ry4 TPA with Asian RY4 TPA, Simply Vanilla (Cap) with Vanilla Bourbon (FA), Oak wood (FA) with Black Fire (FA) and Ethyl Maltol with Mexico (FA). Let's see what comes out. Steeping time?

  8. I can not get TFA Western from my seller in Australia can I substitue for TFA DK Tabacco or FA Virginia Tobacco ? Thank you for your videos I think you have similar tastes to me. I love RY4 only just started trying to mix my own after 10 years of vaping. I purchased the ry4 double tobacco but on its own its a little on the sweet side and I can not taste much tobacco in it at all feel like it needs to be balanced with some deeper flavours thats why I like the look of this recipe.

  9. I'm giving a shot at the full flavor version. I only have PG nicotine (100mg/ml), so that's what I'm going to use. I'll make a small test batch (5/10ml) and see how it tastes. I'm making these for MTL only, to use on my pen vapes and my Berserker atty, using a higher ohm/lower watt setup on my mod, so I'm using 16mg nic.

  10. Thanks for sharing. cant wait to try this one. i like your channel a lot and all your videos .. very informative and direct to the point. keep up all nice work. Regards ,,,

  11. wow, very nice clear concise and easy to follow video. I smoked nearly for 20 years, recently gave up smoking conventional cigarettes and started vaping around 6 months ago. I have tried endless desert and fruit e liquids. None does it for me. in general I don't like sweet foods so, I guess its just my taste.

    That said, this seems to sound perfect!!! I ordered exact same flavors, VG, PG and Nico online today and hope to give it a shot. Will leave a comment with my thoughts after I make it.

    A few questions:

    -how long do you need to steep it till it gets to full flavor potential?

    -I am really looking for the tobacco flavor. I used to smoke malboro menthol lights (Pack a day!!!). If I wanted to have some menthol flavor what do you think I should change or add?

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