Emergency Water Source – Evaporating with a Solar Still: Survival Tip ► All 4 Adventure TV

Emergency Water Source – Evaporating with a Solar Still: Survival Tip ► All 4 Adventure TV

Jason shows a survival skill how to make a bush still or evaporator using the sun’s solar power to collect fresh water from vegetation and sea water.

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29 thoughts on “Emergency Water Source – Evaporating with a Solar Still: Survival Tip ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. Another way to get water: wrap a sealed plastic bag around a living, leafy branch, and leave it for several hours. The leaves photosynthesizing give off a small amount of water that will collect as droplets, and you can shake the bag to get the water to one corner to drink. Obviously, it is only about a Dixie cups worth, but if you can find a bunch of littered bags, it takes little energy to set up many. I have tried this in our backyard, but am no expert and don’t know if water from every plant is safe to drink.

  2. in a real desert you don't find green juicy leaves
    and most of people lost in deserts don't find oceans to get salty water
    in reality it's not the thirst that will kill you
    in a desert 1 hour of noon sunlight will kill you
    and if the sun doesn't get you the heat will mostly do the job

  3. This has to be the least efficient way to collect water i've ever seen. You can literally DIE before collecting enough water to survive off, took 24 hours for half a cup and it probably tasted of metal.

  4. Even if you dont have a huge sheet of plastic, you can use Reynolds wrap, ziploc bags, plastic bag like shopping bags, or plastic bottles, cut the bottom off and poke hole in cap, wrap coffee filter or fabric around the cap side, then fill sand, gravel, then bigger pebbles after an that's a filter, theres always a way to do it, you can use a bucket as well, doesnt have to be a hole in ground, just gotta use whatever is around you at the time best you can an substitute things best your ability.

  5. Inilah teknik air zam zam sudah ribuan tahun lamanya, karena itu hambar. Di padang pasir plastik diganti dengan bebatuan dibawah timbunan pasir.
    This is Zam Zam water technique in dessert, resulting tasteless water, then rocks being used instead of plastic down under the sand dunes.

  6. A couple of dozen of those should keep one person alive in hot weather. You only need a litre of water every couple of hours. Just remember to carry a decent shovel, a case of drinking cups, a couple of coils of flexible tubing and a big roll of plastic sheeting with the rest of your kit if you're planning on trekking……

  7. so by making bunches of these you could easily gather gallons.honestly you dont need to put in near this much work since depth wont get more water but width will so make shallow wide holes.

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