Flying With Vapes | Ecigs & Planes | How to travel with your vape gear | Vaping Bogan

Flying With Vapes | Ecigs & Planes | How to travel with your vape gear | Vaping Bogan

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22 thoughts on “Flying With Vapes | Ecigs & Planes | How to travel with your vape gear | Vaping Bogan

  1. Ive vaped in Thailand before, I was over there when the French chick got busted and noticed the cops etc started being a lot more looky, I was a lot more discrete after that, gone through Singo airport no dramas but this vid inspired me to look up the latest as to whats going on as I heard Thailand was going to legalize them when they could figure out how to tax vape stuff expecting good news I was disapointed by what I found.
    Seems a lot of interesting places to go have recently banned vapes inclueding Philippines, Vietnam, Cambo and Taiwan according to this article due to some stupid 2016 WHO report.
    Seems ill be getting some good pods and some nic salt for my future adventures.

  2. Does juul set off metal detector?? If I place my battery in my carry on and my pods in my ziplock bag, will I be okay to go, with no stop??

  3. i visiting thailand once….fuck cannot bring anything..i dont want to smoke…so our working site near by border to guys are in Thailand or Singapore you guys need to cross the border to Malaysia which vape are part of they life…you can find vape shop everywhere…

  4. I go on holiday in the morning, it hadn't even occurred to me that vaping may be illegal somewhere. All my vape gear, batteries and juice were all packed like how you had advised. Then I decided to watch the end of this video, I'm flying to Thailand for 2 weeks… You may have just helped me avoid a prison sentence 😂 Thanks again Sam.

  5. I’m going from the UK to Brisbane for 3 weeks in July. Will I be able to bring in vape liquid that’s short fill and I’ve already put nicotine in? The bottles will say they’re nicotine free on them. Also, can you vape in public or are there laws I should be aware of?

  6. this was super bloody helpful video, i just recently went to nz in last couple months and i really appreciated the fact you got back to me and gave me the heads up on the instagram with my travel questions so i didn't have any dramas with mods and juice going to an from, love that your down for the people and you got a patreon support out of me from now onwards because of it all

  7. Thank you so much for this. I almost had to do a trip to the US for work and was wondering about it.
    One question though regarding tanks: would you recommend emptying them so they don't leak due to changing air pressure?

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