How to do Smoking Fingers Trick

How to do Smoking Fingers Trick

Smoking fingers magic trick. How to make smoke rise from your fingers when you rub them together. Simple magic trick and easy to follow experiment which you can try at home.

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28 thoughts on “How to do Smoking Fingers Trick

  1. Please don’t ever do this. White phosphorous is more toxic than cyanide, it ignites by itself in air and is incredibly hard to put out. There is a distinct risk of death if you are as stupid as this man.

  2. 5 years ago: "Haha smoky fingers"

    Today after people watch E&F: "Didn't you know that was white phosphorus??!?!????? ITs SupER pOiSonOuS. NeVer dO tHis GuyS!!!"

    I despise all of you who do this.

  3. Don’t do this at home or anywhere as it’s dangerous . Some of the residue can spontaneously combust and burn you when you touch it .

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