How to make Vape Juice – Beginners guide

How to make Vape Juice – Beginners guide

To follow this tutorial on how to make e liquid. Follow the link below and check the kits out!

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36 thoughts on “How to make Vape Juice – Beginners guide

  1. I get what to do with it all, but im abit stuck so ive tried using the calculator on the website but it doesn't really help, say if I was to make wild cola, 8% cola, 9 % French vanilla and 6 % cherry red on a 10ml bottle, so how would i work out the percentage? And also how do I know how much pg n vg in bcos its telling me to put my own measurements in on the website ? Thank you.

  2. If after it is made i don't have enough menthol flavoring, when I add a bit more Flavor West menthol flavoring, i would have to balance it out with equal amt of VG or not?

    If I have commercial premade vape juice 50/50, can I add a drop or two of menthol flavor (PG?) without worrying about the ratios? Or i better add back the few drop of (VG)? Is there quick way to add more icyness to commerically made ejuice?

  3. 'The required amount' and 'the appropriate amount'. What useless information. Don't make videos if you are going to provide vague information like this. Nicotine, if mixed too strong, can kill people or make them very sick. Irresponsible video.

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