New Bogan Brews Flavours | Vaping Bogan | E Liquid

New Bogan Brews Flavours | Vaping Bogan | E Liquid

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30 thoughts on “New Bogan Brews Flavours | Vaping Bogan | E Liquid

  1. Had the lot of these, flavours are grand but Christ are they harsh, steeped and cut with vg but still no dice, shame cause I’d adv the ducks nuts if I could.

  2. Hey bogan, will ur juice line be making 10ml e juice bottles or maybe premium aroma ? In a few days on 1 July we can't buy shake and vape anymore (Holland) and I absolutely love six n out

  3. Serious question if u had to pick 1 mod no matter what kind just 1 mod and 1 atty no matter what kind and u had to use it the rest of the year whats everyones favorite mod and atty. Absolute favorite no different catagories or sub cats just 1 of each

  4. Super stoked to have the brews back in the US! Congrats on the new line my friend! I'm gonna stock up before it sells out! I almost hit the comments to ask about US sales before I even finished the vid. XD happy I watched all the way through.

  5. Just got my 6 pack from Ohms and Wattson in today and the only flavor I’ve tried is the Coorong Cola. It’s amazing and will easily be an all day vape. Tastes like Coca Cola should without the sugary thick coating it leaves in the mouth. Can’t wait to try the rest!! Keep doing your thing Bogan.

  6. @bogan and fellow vapors
    Hey can anyone point me to where i can get the tube extenders for the bonza mech mod i really want to stack this mod but every website is out of stock please help!!!

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