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What Is Royal Swag?
Royal Swag Is 100 % Tobacco & Nicotine Free Ayurvedic Cigarette, With The Composition From Tulsi, Green Tea, Cloves, Etc.

Why Royal Swag?
Use As The Best Alternative Of Tobacco-based Cigarettes.
Those Would Like To Quit Tobacco Smoking
Also, Use As Health Remedies For Cold And Cough.
The Target Customer For Royal Swag?

Beginner Smokers And Occasional Smoker (especially In Travelling For Fun )
Health-conscious Peoples – Those Who Would Like To Quit The Tobacco And Smoking
Peoples Who Love Clove Based Flavored
Women Who Health-conscious
All Smokers, Who Love Their Family And Spend The Rest Of Their Life With Happiness And Healthiness
Available Flavor

Mct Mint

Eximburg international Pvt ltd
Un ayurvedic product manufacturing company
They are Manufacturers of Unique and innovative Ayurvedic product and the Company is Register in the Ayush Ministry of India

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Eximburg Products
1. Royal Swag Ayurvedic Cigarette – Made From Natural Ingredients, 100% Tobacco-Free & Nicotine free )
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2. Royal Swag Shot Liquid Spray ( useful for satisfying of tobacco need )
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3. SWOSH lip Cream ( Useful for Dark lips Removal )
Flipkart Link:-

4.SWOSH vitamin C serum ( Useful for Natural Brightening look with Natural Ingredients)
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5.SWOSH Foaming Face Wash ( it have Advanced Brush for Easy washing Face )
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6. Dark Kesha Ayurvedic Hair oil ( Made from 100% Ayurvedic ingredients Useful for Hair oil Treatment)

7.Gauwellness Goumutra ( Its too much Delicious Tasty Goumutra, useful for Long and Healthy Body )
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They are Offering Area sales Partner For pan India

They are already Have 90+ Area sales Partners in Pan India

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Phone : + 91 7096553300
Whatsup : +91 7574073775
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Mail ID : [email protected]
Mail ID : [email protected]