TBN! Be Alert UK Vapers! – Some NON Awful News For A Change

TBN! Be Alert UK Vapers! – Some NON Awful News For A Change

Welcome back to Tuesday Bro NEWSDAY. New name, new co-host / fact checker, same reliable industry news and commentary. Timestamps are the first pinned comment underneath this video.

Every Tuesday afternoon for roughly an hour and a half, We will be discussing the topics of the day. As well as current breaking news from the world of vaping, tobacco, nicotine and tobacco harm reduction. Let’s get educated and fight the good fight together!

Today’s topics include: New updated CASAA Call to action for the “vape mail” ban. We are focusing our message on Mitch Mcconnell. Got a heads up for the UK Vapers. Be Alert and ready to fight, non good things are coming to the UK. We also have some non awful news for both San Francisco and California and i’m going to read a spectacular Twitter thread from Zachary Seigel. Additionally Japan is experiencing the lowest recorded smoking rates in the history of the country due to uptake in HNB products like IQOS.

Get informed, fight the power, damn the man
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Veritas Cohort Study

You Don’t Know Nicotine

Canadian Vaping Association

Cochrane Library Meta-analasys

URGENT: Stop Congress from Restricting Online Vape Sales

USA – Vape Consumer Survey 2020

EU nicotine User Survey

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Hope For Hope – Go Fund Me

Sales of Conventional Cigarettes in Japan Reduce by 34% Since Launch of Heated Tobacco Products

California Flavor Ban Delayed Until 2022

ASH’s Cosy Bloomberg Relationship

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors Rejects Vaping Ban

The Zachary Siegel Thread


My Tobacco Harm Reduction links and information – get active in the fight to save vaping

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00:00 Hold Screen
07:11 Greetings
12:33 The Usual Suspects (& Vape Mail Update)
34:30 TexasMama09 Fundraiser
37:27 Good News From Japan
44:14 California Flavor Ban Update
53:41 Be Aware UK! CFTFK
01:24:09 San Francisco Rejects Apartment Vape Ban
01:29:29 Zachary Siegel


27 thoughts on “TBN! Be Alert UK Vapers! – Some NON Awful News For A Change

  1. Already on the Bloomberg problem in uk trying to rally everyone now. They’ve got a long way to go as the nhs (national medical system) is fully behind and endorsers vaping to quit smoking. Especially with the way the world is with COVID the last thing the uk NHS will want is more smoking related problems adding on top of our COVID situation here. We’re gonna kick there ass.

  2. Your tellin me there isn't an Ad exec or marketer that loves vaping and can help us out with a well placed billboard? And maybe a slight discount lol Edit: also can we just refer to Blomberg as a Vape Karen or does that make it sound like he is a Karen that vapes? Also sorry to every lady named Karen lol

  3. The thing is the uk is so slow at doing anything so even if it does go that way the uk will jump in and stop it as we know it will take a century I've been glad living in the uk and we shall see but I'm not worried yet just because there flicking back and forth between it being good and bad I don't mind if its plain packaging its not packaging that draws me to buy and I doubt its like that for kids no matter weather they try stop it or not if kids were to do it they would find away the worst thing is its just sending people towards the black market and that's where laced and poisened stuff will come from and I bet the death toll will rise and they will be scratching there heads like oh well we should have done that its typical uk

  4. We will fight for our right to vape. We know the science and we have the evidence.
    I will stand up and I know a lot of others will too!
    Come on UK 🇬🇧 stand with me and I will stand with you.
    I just can't stand the thought of us going the way of the USA we need to be the example to the rest of the world 🖖

  5. I am glad to hear some semi good news even with the new vape mail threat cloud looming over my head :(. Actually surprised to see Bloomberg spreading his hatred tentacles to other parts of the world. Nice on Japan for the progress on reducing smoking which after all is the goal of vaping. Looks like it is doing what is intended for who knew? I like that you guys brought up that point of "that would never happen lets not worry". It is a great subject to discuss because I admit I was guilty of that mindset back in 2015. I thought ha there is no way vapes would be banned in any way because otherwise, they would have to ban cigs right? WRONG! We can not wait until shit hits the fan before worrying it is time to do everything we can. It CAN and HAS happened and to tell me this back in 2015 I would have laughed at you. We need to tread lightly and prepare for the worst unfortunately, that said the fight continues and thanks to everyone taking part.

  6. if social media is not held accountable for what they put out there…nothing will change. Social media is king among the masses now…If social media says so…then it is true. Science needs to take this back.

  7. I don't see what the issue would be with plain boxes for e-liquid as long as it's not a flavour ban i don't think are government will be influenced in the same way yours has been just because of how much smoking cost the NHS i honestly believe that's one of the main factors in the government supporting vaping the way they are as your government makes money off smoking are government loses money because of smoking, but this is still worrying thanks for the info will definitely be watching carefully and advocating where possible ive shared this video in all my UK vaping group

  8. Of course they're not bothered by heat not Burn because it's still a tobacco product not vaping so the tobacco companies are still making money, heat not burn is not vaping and you can't class them as being vape positive because they endorsed it if it was straight Vaping I'm sure the government wouldn't be so happy especially if they've got their hands in big tobacco.

  9. UK viewer wishing we had some real Vape Advocates like yourself. I get the impression that we will need such, but our seen is kind of broken. No body telling us what wher etc. We have gotten complacent and then Covid-19. Hopefully we can tell Bloommountain where to go.

    Thanks GrimmGreen 👍

  10. ASH has to face up against the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance), IBVTA(Independent British Vape Trade Association), UKVIA (UK Vape Industry Alliance) along with the Science and Technology Commission, Stop Smoking Services, the House of Lords and all 4 of the Royal Colleges (Physicians, Nurses, Mid-Wives and Practitioners). ASH also have to contend with a Conservative Party who are wary of left-leaning US politicians. The Conservatives are right-wing. Bloomberg simply can’t wander in and throw cash around, there are much more sticker rules and laws to do with lobbying and outside influence on lobbying money and lobbyist groups and the first thing the Science and Tech Commission will check is where the funding for ASH is coming from.

    Plus, when it all comes down to it, the cross-party (Conservative, Labour, SNP, and others) Science and Technology Commission will hear not only from ASH, but from NNA, UKVIA, IBVTA and Royal College and the Health Secretary. That's at least 4 v 1 with one neutral (the NHS). ASH doesn't have a leg to stand on Nick, they just don't.

  11. I do CASAA's vape mail ban call to action every day lol. Today I'm going to make the phone calls also. It's just so insane to me how hard we have to fight just to have access to these products. They're SAVING LIVES and we enjoy it and THEY CAN'T STAND IT!

  12. It's the TPD3, Nick, and it's looking bad. The threat of an EU-wide flavor ban has become very real now because the EU Commission will be regulating vapor products based on the extremely biased Scheer Report (ski:r report). The Scheer team consisted mostly of known "public health" anti-vaping zealots, led by a WHO "expert" and the paper draws heavily on data & even media reports from the US, such as the "epidemic", gateway, CDC/FDA, lung injuries & all kinds of (non-existent) health issues, CTFKs claim that flavors are used to target kids & addict them to nicotine…!
    They cherry-picked a few studies and managed to pack every single lie that has ever made headlines in the US into this report.
    Conclusion of the Scheer team: Flavors entice minors to vape. Vaping poses a number of health hazards. There's weak to no evidence that vaping helps smokers to quit and strong evidence that it's a gateway to smoking for the youth!
    The whole paper is a terrible piece of BS.

    As far as vaping is concerned, all countries rely on the UK. We have no one else. And as Danielle said, that's why Mad Mike & TFK are now targeting the UK. The UK vapers are way too careless, too complacent. They trust PHUK, NHS, et al to be "immune" to kickbacks, Bloomberg funded smear-campaigns & media attacks, believing that they would support vaping nevertheless. That's dangerously naïve.

    UK and ASH: the only question left is how big the paycheck was that Arnott received from Bloomberg and TobaccoKillsKids (must have been really "convincing")! Bloomberg is omnipresent and currently handing out his "generous" paychecks all over Europe. To the EU representatives in Brussels as well as to national governments. The bribe money of some American billionaires and the fanatical lobbyists of the WHO, ERS and other "public health authorities" are setting the course for the future of vaping in the EU. And believe me, it's not pretty. The truth is that I'm scared. Afraid that I will be forced to smoke again by my own government!


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