Trying Hai Di Lao DIY Hot Pot!

Trying Hai Di Lao DIY Hot Pot!

You can eat hot pot at home!? I found this amazing DIY at home hot pot from Hai Di Lao(海底捞)here in Shenzhen at the supermarket. It gives you all the ingredients for an at home hot pot!

You pour all the ingredients into the bowl and then pour water on top of a pad to make the water boil and heat up all your ingredients. It takes 15 minutes to make the beef noodle hotpot.

This DIY hotpot was arounf ¥40 which is quite expensive as fresh ma la tang (麻辣烫)and a cheap restaurant can be around ¥25 so is this do it yourself hot pot as gimmik or is it actually nice?
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42 thoughts on “Trying Hai Di Lao DIY Hot Pot!

  1. I tried this and it made my whole mouth numb, and it felt like a vibrating sensation ? I assume it was the chemicals from the heating packet. It was awful and i threw it out after a few bites

  2. I just bought & tried it a week ago here in Bali, Indonesia. The taste is okay ; quite close to the original Hai di lao hot pot. It’s a bit pricy so I probably won’t buy it again .

  3. I've been watching your electronic reviews and just how impressed I am now knowing you actually know Chinese and reviewing food 😂 and you're at freaking china, support from Malaysian chinese

  4. One major problem about going down the road to get things fresh From a restaurant
    Under lockdown all restaurants are closed
    So give me enough to survive lockdown and I would be happy

  5. That is not a gourd. It is a lotus root. Unless in England, they say gourd when they mean lotus root. Like when you say French fries are chips and the bathroom is the lu.

  6. Great video. I think everyone is missing the point. Its not for home or a restaurant alternative. Thats why there is chopsticks and heating bags…Its for the mountains, the woods, for camping, for trains for places where there is no hot water, or cutlery! Just bought one in Liverpool UK and of course Im going to eat it……… home!!!!! 🙂 lol

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