Vaping: what people are getting wrong | The Economist

Vaping: what people are getting wrong | The Economist

A youth vaping “epidemic” and a mysterious outbreak of lung disease in America has led to curbs on e-cigarette flavours. A backlash against vaping is perpetuating myths about nicotine-based e-cigarette products that are not backed up by scientific research. Read more here:

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50 thoughts on “Vaping: what people are getting wrong | The Economist

  1. when you live in a house that every day provides you with a lovely view of sunset to the sea,it would make you anxious to move into a regular house, why? well it's definitely not nicotine!!!!That's why e cigarette is so successful, cause it simulates the enjoyable habit of smoking, there is the trap, that why all smoking companies are advising you to take a nicotine substitute to cut smoking, cause they know that the 80% of them won't be successful, but with e cigarettes they waging war and they even made an e cig replica with real tobacco inside, that is how desperate they have become…In few words, your death and misery, their profit and wellbeing.

  2. Vape is going to be the future, i did smoke cigs for many years, and then i start vaping and i quit smoking, they are banning in the US because many factorys of cigarettes going to close the doors, i see now how money is more important than people life

  3. I mean, I agree with people that cherry flavor isn't marketing DIRECTLY to kids, but giving flavors the names of popular sodas? Does that say anything?

  4. I mean the harm reduction is real for sure. There's a lot of toxins in tobacco including polonium 210 and lead 210, which are radioactive ☢️ substances. But vaping is still using your lungs to consume something and lungs 🫁 are definitely designed to take in oxygen and expell carbon dioxide, not consume a drug.

  5. to address all the , "Oh no vaping may be dangerous ban it , _continues to sell cigs" comments , heres my take , while vaping may be less harmful/dangerous the main reason for the ban i think is cause its effects over a long term are not fully understood when compared to something like cigs . And precisely cause theyre marketed as safe , youths who would otherwise avoid cigs they know are bad are hitting vapes cause its "cool". And while they maybe a better alternative they are definitely still bad for you. So someone might out of ignorance and misbelief take up vaping, which is not the case with cigs . you take up smoking knowing its bad for you. A ban would help prevent the unintentional harm .

  6. I say to all the govt who ban e cigarettes should ban regular cigarettes too.. that would help otherwise you just leave no room for helping smokers quite and personally after smoking for 25 yrs+ .. i find that it really helps .. I am on the verge of hating cigarettes for what it did to my lungs.

  7. I’m living proof that e-cigarettes work, started at 12 mg and every 2 months lowered the nicotine level to eventually 0mg. 8 months later totally off the vape

  8. The deadly outbreak was from vaping thc that contained vitamin e acetate. Vitamin e acetate is a no no for vaping however many did not realize it at the time.

  9. I’m glad I quit smoking years ago because now that my lungs are healthy I was able to fight covid19 when I caught it. Had I caught covid19 while being a smoker I may have died. The disease is so bad it has me gasping for air for days. I don’t know how a smoker can survive through that

  10. I'm not a doctor or scientist. I dont know how bad vaping is obviously its worse for your health then not vaping at all. But let's not ignore the fact that all governments around the world are losing money from the tax on cigarettes. So it is in their best interest to say vaping is worse

  11. An entire conversation about children vaping nicotine products when children aren’t allowed to purchase tobacco / nicotine products. Children might like fruit flavors but so do adults.

  12. They are right if they ban E-cigs many will die from turning to Cigarettes. I vaped when I was young and once it broke I had no hesitation asking friends for a Cigarette to help with the nicotine withdrawals, I no longer use either and I feel better for it.

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  14. Well at the moment more people are dieing from Covid-19 , vaporizers have been around longer yet less people have died from vaporizers if what they say about dieing from vaporizers is even true.

  15. 11:20 government can control the cigarette company and revenue $$$ tax income. Government not yet find a way to control vaping industries instead ban them.

  16. I find myself still craving cigarettes despite dosing enough nicotine daily with an e-cigarette. I do believe what is suggested here that cigarettes contain a lot more that increases the psychological appeal and addictiveness of traditional cigarettes.

  17. The funniest argument is that the flavors are directly causing it to be marketed to children. This implys that adults aren't allowed to enjoy tasty things like candy LOL

  18. I have been smoking for 25 years. Trying to quit it multiple times but failed. Now suddenly 2 days ago I bought a vape and stopped smoking asap. The Govt is scared if they ban marlboro then who is gonna fund their election expenditures and how they can achieve the population purge annually to save resources for the rich.

  19. They say it's dangerous bec the ingredients are not regulated and deaths are only in USA they should see others countries like mine were ingredients are really low quality and yet there not even one case of death or even fatigue in here or any other country, it's clear that it's just the cigarette and pharmaceutical companies are powering these campaigns against vaping

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